1). Talk With A Coach

The first step is to speak with a coach to discuss your goals and current health conditions. After we get to know you, you can schedule a time to come in and do your first workout.

2). Schedule Your First Workout

After speaking with a coach you can either schedule a free 1-on-1 workout or you can join in on a free foundations class.

3). Chose Membership & Start Foundations

Our foundations program is a comprehensive, six class series that will prepare you to freely participate in any of the other classes offered at Rich City CrossFit. You will lean the basic, fundamental movements of CrossFit in a small group environment - anyone, of any fitness level is welcome! The Foundations program is included in your membership - so once you complete the 6 class series, you are free to jump into the regular WODs.

This program is designed to expose newcomers to our movement curriculum in a progressive manner. Each class will teach and review proper form and technique in various skills while gradually introducing intensity. The program is 6 classes long and each student’s progress will be monitored on a case by case basis.  If you miss a foundations class, you will continue to attend the program until you have completed a total of 6 classes. Foundation classes are offered 4 days a week and a accelerated/private version of the Foundations Program is available for those that have a class time conflict, physical limitation or prefer a 1 on 1 program with a coach.

4). Join the WOD

The Foundations program is included in your gym membership when you sign up at Rich City. Your first few weeks, you are limited to the Foundations class but once you complete the 6 classes and have been evaluated by one of the coaches, you are eligible to attend regular WODs.

*If you are an experienced CrossFitter moving to our gym from another box, the Foundations program is not required.*

Our foundations class is the smoothest, most efficient way to join our CrossFit family. From all of the coaches at Rich City, we hope to see you soon!